It’s important to read this product application guide, so your pants or vests are entirely to your liking.

We also recommend reading the COMPANY PHILOSOPHY, to better know the criteria follow in our company, when making our products.

All of our pants and vests are tailor made, under our customer’s specifications, so it’s extremely important to follow step by step each stage of the application.

1/ Model and customization

When choosing the model, it will open a popup asking you to fill in the following sections:

1.a/ Lady or gentleman: the shape of pants and vests, are not the same for ladies or gentlemen, this must be consider when making patterns.

1.b/ Leather colour: we use three basic colours, dark green, tobacco brown and tan (crude).

1.c/ Lining type: leather pants, and some vets models, have an internal lining to make them more pleasant, and also to protect from the cold. Three types of liners are used, with the following characteristics:

      • Satin: it’s the traditional liner, which allows freedom of movement. It’s recommended for routine use pants and temperate climate areas. In cold weather, it can be used with thermal underwear.
      • Flannel: it’s a very nice and warm lining, recommended for cold areas.
      • Polar fleece:it’s a thick and very warm lining, recommended for very cold areas.

NOTE: lining colour will be combined with the pants, or vests, leather colour. If you want a specific colour combination between the pants or vest and the liner, please indicate in the REMARKS section.

1.d/ Side pockets: you can choose between three pocket types, horizontal (American), vertical (French) and Austrian.

Horizontal pockets

Horizontal pockets

Vertical pockets

Vertical pockets

Austrian pockets

Austrian pockets

You can also choose the pocket inside liner type, between thin cotton canvas (traditional) orpolar fleece (for cold areas).

1.e/ Rear pockets: you can choose the number of rear pockets, among no pocket, carrying one (right hand side) or carrying two pockets.

You can also choose between two different models, single pocket or flap pockets.

 Single pocket

 Single pocket

 Flap pocket

 Flap pocket

NOTE: The inside rear pocket liner is thin cotton canvas.

NOTE: For a single pocket on the left hand side, please indicate in REMARKS.

1.f/ Knife pocket: you can choose a small pocket on the rear-right side of the pants, useful for carrying a small pocketknife or reading glasses.

Knife pocket

Knife pocket

NOTE: If you want this pocket on the left hand side, please indicate in REMARKS sections.


2/ Measures

This point is particularly important because the perfect fit of the pants and vests, will depend directly on the measures.

There are two ways:

2.a/ Sendus your pants or vests that fits you perfect, that you really feel confortable with them. We will draw the measures for you, and we will refund together with shipping.

2.a/ Again, with pants or vests that fits you well, take measures according to the attached tab at the end. All measures must be in CENTIMETERS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please,carefully observe the measure video displayed on the web.

3 / Payments

Payments can be make using:

    • Banc Transfer
    • Visa Card
    • PayPal



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