Pants & vests is a Spanish company dedicated to create handmade tailored outdoors garments. Although with many years of experience in the Spain market, we start a new stage with the launch of this website, and letting our products to be known worldwide our.


  • Julio Sanz began working on manufacturing and exporting leather garments 45 years ago. His technical preparation is related to leather clothing patterning and sewing.

    His fondness for countryside and nature made him create,20 years ago,ICEBERG LEATHERCompany, specialized in tailor made leather trousers and vests. This has led him to be a well knownperson among hunters and gun shops in Spain, and anyone looking for a quality and customized outdoor clothing.


  • Juan José García Estévez within the company is engaged in products marketing and sales management, as well as web managing.

    Also, very fond of countryside and nature, met Julio 20 years ago. He was the promoter of the internationalization of these quality and, many of them, typically Spanishproducts.


  • We also have a team of highly specialized seamstresses and with long leather workingexperience.


  • In the accessories section, you can find products made by artisans from Toledo, Spanish area traditionally associated with hunting and high quality and genuinely Spanishsaddlery.


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